Building memories for future generations

the UNI Campanile showing between trees on UNI's campus

Campanile Plaza

In May 2023, we completed the first phase of the Campanile project with the renovation of the carillon playing room and installation of nine new and 47 refurbished carillon bells, a new playing keyboard and clock mechanism — preserving and enhancing the Campanile’s carillon for the next 50+ years.

As we embark on this Campanile Plaza effort, we are reminded of the many individual contributions that built the Campanile and first 15-bell chime in 1926, but also of the generosity of current donors who made this year's changes possible. To date almost 600 unique donors have contributed $1.6M to the $2.2M project.

This cherished space has been a witness to countless memories, historic moments, and the transformative journey of our students, alumni and friends. Let's make sure that the Campanile Plaza can be a space for future Panthers to create new life-long memories. Learn about the Campanile's ongoing renovation and how you can support the project.