Honoring a campus icon

The bells of the carillon

Preserving an Icon

As the Campanile nears its 100th anniversary, it is due for care. Through necessary improvements, we can preserve the Campanile for future Panthers. With your support of the Campanile, you’re adding your name to a lineage who have made this campus icon what it is today — a symbol of our shared UNI experience.

The project consists of two main components:

Restore the Carillon

  • Renew and improve our carillon
  • Secure technology to live-cast performances
  • Upgrade interior for players

Revive the Campanile Plaza

  • Rejuvenate overgrown landscaping with new landscape design
  • Improve infrastructure to provide enjoyment of the Campanile for years to come

Fundraising Goals

With these necessary investments, we can ensure the Campanile stands strong for another century for all of campus and the community to enjoy.

$2.2 million  /  Total for carillon and Campanile improvements as well as the renovated plaza.

+ $400,000  /  Once the capital fundraising goal is met, we will seek endowment investments to support ongoing maintenance and seasonal concerts by professional carillonneurs

The Campanile plaza is a fixture of the UNI experience. Your support will revitalize this high-traffic area to better showcase the Campanile.