Academic Programs and Faculty

Since our days as a teachers college, UNI has sent generations of Panthers into the world to make a difference.

For many, success begins with a faculty member, an interesting class or a program that unlocks their passions.

The Our Tomorrow campaign renews our investment in the people and programs that support student success. This campaign will build the fields and careers that will define our future.

Academic Innovation Fund

Every year, faculty and staff bring forward ideas that open new careers, transform student learning and respond to our state’s needs.

Through Our Tomorrow, we will create an Academic Innovations Seed Fund that ensures that UNI is always innovating.

This fund will kickstart new programs and innovations to get them off the ground faster. These initiatives are designed to be self-sustaining.

UNI gerontology student building a puzzle with an elderly woman
UNI biology student with a professor in a lab

Faculty support

UNI faculty change lives by being skillful teachers, mentors and allies to students.

Through Our Tomorrow, we will invest in recruiting and retaining faculty to ensure the growth of key programs. We will continue to support faculty in ongoing professional development and classroom innovation.

This is a chance to shape and support the faculty who will carry UNI forward through the next generation.

Innovative programs

Our faculty have established unique and fast-growing programs. These programs open up careers for our students and target Iowa’s workforce needs.

From gerontology to communications sciences, UNI students benefit from innovative programs. To allow students to pursue their greater potential, we must invest today.

Our Tomorrow will invest in UNI's new and existing programs to open up the career paths of the future.

Communication sciences student and faculty member teaching and learning with an interactive baby doll