Engaged Learning

UNI students don’t wait until graduation to start making a difference. They build skills through real-world experience to advocate for change on our campus and in our community.

Our students and faculty know that the best way to learn is to do — and the highest goal of learning is to serve. Our second campaign pillar — Engaged Learning — gives them new support for these efforts.

Our Tomorrow will allow every student to put their knowledge to work making a difference.

Service learning and community engagement

To prepare all students to be change makers, we must take learning into the community. UNI is a national model for community engagement learning with the support of our Office of Community Engagement. This was achieved through learning experiences and nonprofit internships that tackle community needs.

Through Our Tomorrow, we will make this effort a part of every UNI student’s education.

UNI student conducting a biology experiment in the community

UNI students engaging in learning through the use of a SynDaver

Student professional and career readiness

UNI students graduate ready to make a difference on the job from day one — this is what we hear from employers. Their academic coursework prepares them to apply their knowledge in professional settings.

We are building on efforts to elevate UNI as Iowa’s home for a high-quality, career building education.

‌Undergraduate research

One of the best things about UNI is that any student who wants to get involved in research can easily find opportunities. Throughout the year, students can perform research for credit or just for fun.

The Our Tomorrow campaign wants to give every UNI student the chance to launch and lead research or other creative projects of their own.

Brother and sister Blaine and Brianna Williams standing next to their undergraduate research project

Two UNI honors and scholars students smiling while standing at an award ceremony

‌Honors and scholars

The Honors & Scholars Programs at UNI provide programming, mentoring and support both inside and outside the classroom for exceptional learners.

The Our Tomorrow campaign aims to elevate these programs for the honors and scholars students.

‌Student teaching field experience

UNI's goal is to ensure best practice, quality school placements which support the development of teachers.

Through collaboration with school districts and cooperating teachers, UNI currently places about 500 future teachers into student teaching opportunities in their final semester.

UNI student teacher working on reading with a child